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Do You Need Collateral?

The bail bonds process can be confusing, especially when you have never had experience with it. When beginning the process you may look for companies and some may say “No collateral required”. What exactly is collateral and why would you need it?

Collateral is something pledged as security for repayment of a loan, to be forfeited in the event of a default. Collateral can come in many different forms, such as; pink slips, cars, house deeds, jewelry, cash, etc. The collateral can be used to ensure that payments are made, the defendant shows up in court, or both. Whether you need collateral or not will depend on a number of things; charge(s), circumstances of the charge(s), bail amount, . At Montana Bail Bonds we mainly look at the ability to pay and the probability that the defendant will show up to court. If the premium is paid in full and the charge is minor, you would likely not need to provide collateral. If you have a minimal down payment, we would need collateral to work out a payment plan.

The amount or type of collateral can depend on the premium (10% of the total bond) or the total bond. If the collateral is needed for the payment plan and not court it should be relatively equal to the amount owed. If court is more of a concern the collateral will need to be higher to equal the bail amount.

Regardless of your situation call Montana Bail Bonds, we can work with you and your situation.

For any questions call Montana Bail Bonds at 1(800) 573-0000.

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Fugitive Selvin Zecena

We are asking for help looking for fugitive Selvin Zecena¬†AKA Selevin Zecena-Valdez. He failed to show up to court but trial continued and he was been found guilty of four counts of Sexual Assault on a Child Under the Age of 14 years old, five counts of Lewdness with a Child Under the Age of 14 years old, and one count of Attempted Sexual Assault on a Child. We want the public to be safe and don’t want another child to have to suffer.
There is a $25,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.
Please share and spread the word.


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The Bail Bonds Process- What Is Bail?

My Loved One Has Been Arrested, Now What?

It can be frightening when a loved one has been arrested, especially when you’ve never dealt with the process before. Montana Bail Bonds will tell you everything you need to know to get through it fast and easy.

When someone is arrested they are taken to jail to be booked. During this process their mugshot is taken, they are fingerprinted, and are asked to give a statement. (Note: This process can take up to 4 hours.) They then wait for their court date in jail, unless they are bailed out.

The initial court date, known as arraignment will be held within 2-5 days. During the arraignment the inmate will stand before the judge and plead guilty or not guilty. If they plead guilty a court date will be set to determine sentencing within 2-5 weeks. If they plead not guilty a court date will be set in 2-5 weeks to begin trial. Many defendants will remain in jail for several months despite being innocent unless they obtain bail.

What Is Bail?

Bail is set during the booking process. The bail amount is set by the courts. When setting the bail amount, the following is taken into consideration.

  • Current Charges
  • Past Criminal History
  • Probability Defendant Will Commit Another Crime
  • Probability Defendant Will Flee

You can call Montana Bail Bonds to obtain the charges, court date, and bail. Once the defendant is booked and bail is determined the bail bond process can begin.

Bail can be paid in full to the court. Ex: You directly pay the court $10,000. If you go this route the bail will be returned to you once the case is over, minus any court fees.

Since most people do not have the full amount for bail, they can use a bail bonds company such as Montana Bail Bonds. Montana Bail Bonds pays the total of the bail and you pay 10%, known as the premium. The premium is non refundable and payments can be arranged.

Along with payment an application must be filled out by you (the indemnitor/cosigner) and the person in jail (the defendant). In summary, the application states the defendant must go to all court dates and the premium must be paid. Once the application has been filled out by the indemnitor, bail will be posted by a bail agent and the defendant will be released in no time. The defendant must fill out their portion of the application within 24 hours that they are released and continue to check in with Montana Bail Bonds regarding their case.

Bail allows the defendant to be with their family, keep their job along with other responsibilities, and fight their case more effectively. If you would like more information pertaining bail call Montana Bail Bonds for assistance (213) 626-2245.

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